We can print rigid and roll media up to 3.2m wide using our state of the art UV printer. Printing acrylic is a bit of a specialty of ours, whether it be a splashback or a beautiful piece of wall art; we can help you.

Digital cutting

We have digital cutting capacity up to 3x2m with camera registration and either tangential knifes or oscillating knives for thicker material so we can cut your printed media. Simply add registration marks around your print for perfect cutting.

CNC routing

Our router can handle full sheets of acrylic up to 3x2m with a z height of 200mm. There’s not much we can’t cut. Acrylic, ACM, foam, MDF, wood, corian, plastics, non ferrous metals; pretty much anything! With auto tool change and camera registration we can provide you with the most efficient and accurate routing service.

Laser cutting

Our CO2 laser is great for detailed cutting in acrylic up to 20mm thick with a bed size of 1.5x2m.

Acrylic fabrication

From a small light box to a huge display case we can help you with your pos fabrication needs.

Line Bending

Acrylic line bending up to 10mm thick and 2m long

If there’s anything you want to discuss please pick up the phone and let’s chat it through. Call us now on 01903 389 025